Let's Break It Down

If you have an ecommerce store and aren’t using Facebook Ads to skyrocket your business, you are leaving money on a table. Doesn’t matter if you are dropshipping or holding stock in your closet. Effective Facebook Ads can 10X your revenue in a few months.

However, if your store is broken, and people are not interested in what you sell – Facebook Ads won’t rescue you from a sinking boat. All they do is bring more eyes to what you sell for an attractive cost if optimized correctly.

Many ecommerce stores reach for Facebook marketing as the easiest tool to get the ball rolling. They set up their ads overnight as they’ve seen their favorite guru do on Youtube and expect their dreams to become a reality the very next day. No wonder most of them end up closed before the Shopify trial expires.

They set up one campaign targeting a cold audience (or so-called Top of Funnel) and are trying to get people to buy their product at first sight. You might believe in love at first sight, but this is not the smartest Facebook marketing strategy.

Effective Facebook Ads can 10X your revenue in a few months, but won't rescue you from a sinking boat.

You Can Affect People’s Minds

From one point of view, Facebook Ads can be very similar to TV commercials – they subconsciously influence your mind. Hence, the next time you go shopping, you choose their product without thinking.

When you see a TV commercial for some random product, you won’t run to the closest store or open their website to buy the product immediately. So what makes you think people will on Facebook?

Facebook Ads For Ecommerce

Facebook Ads are significant for ecommerce stores. If you know your buyer persona or market well enough, you can target them very efficiently.

The power of Facebook Ads for ecommerce lies in an effective and quite easily profitable cold audience targeting. Then you can retarget people who either engaged with your content or left the checkout.

Cold audiences with vast potential for profitability and abandoned checkout retargeting is where the power of Facebook Ads for Ecommerce lies.

Facebook Ads ≠ Showing Your Ads On Facebook Only

Facebook, as a company, is one of the most influential on the internet. You may already know this, but Facebook Ads not only allow you to advertise on Facebook but also on:

  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • Audience Network

…all of this in one dashboard called Business Manager.

Facebook has made launching ads super simple, which is tempting for new advertisers. They set up campaigns by themselves without any expertise or strategy behind them.

But in today’s competitive world with millions of Facebook advertisers, it’s almost impossible to run a profitable campaign that way.

How To Run Facebook Ads

If you’re starting out, there’s a high chance your budget is very tight, and you can’t afford professionals to run Facebook Ads for you.

That means it’s crucial you know how to run Facebook Ads by yourself to kick off your business.

That’s what we’ll be going through in the next blog posts, where I’ll teach you how to run effective Facebook Ads with a profit-focused Facebook marketing strategy.

But to master the skill of running profitable ads, you need to put hundreds of hours into learning, and most importantly, to execute what you’ve learned with real money.

Initially, you’ll struggle with being profitable from your campaigns, so make sure you’re prepared for many sleepless nights.

When I started 6 years ago – and the 10X ROAS wasn’t even planned – I spent $8,200 of my own money before launching a profitable campaign for one of my ecommerce stores.

However, if you’re keen on mastering the art of Facebook Ads, I’ll definitely help you to get there. In my opinion, being an expert in this field is very close to being a magician – you can generate profit from where many people didn’t even think of.

Before you launch your first Facebook campaign, here’s what you need to think about:

75% of Success Happens Outside The Business Manager

A successful Facebook marketing strategy is made of:

  • Product – what you sell
  • Price – how much you sell it for
  • Place – distribution and fulfillment
  • Promotion – how and where you promote your product

The number one mistake owners of ecommerce stores make:

They put their whole energy into the last aspect and forget the other three essential parts of the entire Facebook marketing strategy.

Before you hop on the Promotion part, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my product solve a customer’s problem, or does he buy it because he likes it?
  • Is the product’s price reasonable compared to the market?
  • Aren’t my competitors selling it for a much lower price? And if so, what benefit do I offer to my customers that would make the higher price more reasonable?
  • How many orders can I fulfill per day to ensure that the customer receives it in a reasonable time?